Transformational leadership typologies

A Sri Lankan pandemic response perspective.

Covid-19 is a humanitarian and economic tragedy that disrupted lives, livelihood and business operations. Good leadership is helping companies stay resilient during this time of volatility and perhaps one silver lining of the current situation, is that this crisis represents an opportunity for leaders to create more innovation and collaboration in the face of adversity.

Our Covid 19 Surveys with CEOs and CTOs suggest that companies who planned ahead in the face of adversity during the critical stage of managing, emerging and thriving have better performed during the pandemic lock down.

  manage : the time frame in which the company need to plan with limited resources

• emerge : the time frame where companies need to be relevant more than ever to the customers

• thrive : where companies need to transform to leave the competition behind and thrive in the market

Similar to the first mover advantage, companies have to move fast and reach the third stage ahead of competition. This rate of movement is impacted by two factors:

• the type of industry

• the type of leadership

Here leadership is no longer exclusive. Leadership can be assigned as a part of the requirement of exclusive jobs of individuals, teams or it can be part of the expectations that members of a role set have from individual teams. At Breakthrough we identify 4 different segments of leadership cultures in the Sri Lankan market as companies move from manage to thrive. If you want to understand more about what defines these segments and where you or your organization is at the moment drop us a mail on