Transformational leadership for post pandemic growth

The Breakthrough Covid 19 CEOs Pulse Survey highlights, amidst uncertainty and volatility, over 50% of the companies responded have transformed to thrive in the post pandemic economy.  Needless to say, that the weaknesses in business models were exposed, challenging the status quo questioning the tried and tested methods. 

At Breakthrough Business Intelligence, we explored further the role of leaders in business transformation, and their strategic focus for accelerated post pandemic growth. We identified four leadership typologies evident in the local market. The largest segment, Neoliths representing 35% of the leaders who are comfortable in their position, and are embracing change slowly. While almost 40% of leaders are using this to hone their competitive edge by designing disruptive solutions to shape the future of their industries. While the Stragglers (25%) acknowledge the need to transform, yet they are waiting to follow the market leaders.  

Infographic – Leadership typologies 

If you wish to reshape, reorient, or reposition your organizations or your leadership style we would love to continue the conversation and share our insights with you. We hope to provide some useful tips for you to identify your stance in building transformational organization and importantly, some inspiration to help us all grow and evolve into the future. 

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Breakthrough carried out multiple surveys with over 240 C-level decision makers and 150 CTOs, and have identified leadership typologies based on their business transformation intent.